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Turkey is among the countries that have achieved to rise and improve itself in the field of health and health tourism in recent years.

It is the shining star of health tourism with its geographical location, innovative technology, well-educated and experienced healthcare staff, healthcare institutions with modern architecture and technological infrastructure, intermediary/assistant institutions and accommodation facilities are frequently mentioned in the field of health tourism.

Health policies adopted in recent years are also an indication of the importance Turkey's ​attaches to health tourism. In parallel with the health policies in Turkey, health institutions renew themselves and invest in new and innovative technologies, too.

Healthcare professionals, who have proven their place in the world in terms of quality, experience and trust, are increasing their experience in the field of health tourism day by day. At this point where Turkey's health institutions, health workers and tourism sector have come, 'health consultancy' has become a requirement.

The company 'Medprimis' was born as a result of the need for healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields, who will clear the question marks of patients or their relatives about the correct diagnosis, correct treatment, correct care service, correct institution, etc.

'Medprimis' established with the contribution of our experience in health, education and consultancy for more than 15 years, that serves its clients with the motto of 'where health and care, meets with quality and trust.'

Together with health, education and tourism stakeholders who are experts in their fields, it has achieved successes that will make a name for itself in a short time and has brought a different perspective to the field of health tourism.

While we hope to see Turkey as the world leader in the field of health and health tourism, 'Medprimis' continues to provide services 24/7 in order to be with the patients and their relatives in all their needs in the field of health.

We desire to be the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to health, care, trust and quality. We are always with you to help have a healthy life.

Our Mission

To be the best health and consultancy company of Turkey and the world in the field of health, care, quality and trust.

Our Vision

To ensure that people have access to health and care services based on quality and trust, on equal terms, all over the world.

Huseyin Can

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin CAN M.D.
CEO / Founder

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